ITS Passion

As Educators: We are passionate about providing dynamic, advanced, and relevant  training opportunities for physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists.


ITS courses are different.  The experience is designed to be energetic, informative, and interactive. Healthcare professionals who attend our courses are inspired to take their performance to the next level.


ITS educators know there is little training provided in professional education programs to teach specialty skills. In a time where reimbursement is limited and regulations are strict, “on the job training” through trial and error can be costly. Therefore, ITS  has developed advanced studies to facilitate the healthcare professional’s development of specialized treatment skills.


ITS offers practical tools.  Every detail of our courses is crafted with our audience in mind—ensuring that healthcare professionals leave equipped to face the everyday challenges of clinical care.

ITS—Dynamic. Advanced. Relevant.

As a Business: We are passionate about excellence, loyalty, and customer service.


We strive to be the “Best-in-Class” in everything we do.   


Our company is built on loyalty amongst our employees - to each other, our company, and our clients.  We strive to gain your loyalty as well through quality service and our Customer Loyalty Program.

Customer Service

We are committed to your satisfaction.  ITS customers are valued and appreciated.  We take pride in meeting your individual and organizational needs.